CPanel Backup to Amazon S3 Script

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A very simple automated solution for backing up a CPanel account to Amazon S3 using Cron.

Also backs up CPanel to FTP or Home directory.

Does not require root access, SSH, or special permissions (works on shared servers).

Amazon S3 is a flexible storage solution - unlimited space - pay only for what you use.
Amazon S3 Cost Calculator - get your S3 account.

Automatic CPanel backups to Amazon S3 for single end-user accounts on shared servers.

The process:

  • Cron Job 1 - Triggers CPanel "Full Site Backup" and sends to Amazon S3, FTP site, or stores in Home directory. (The CPanel "Full Site Backup" contains all site files and databases)
  • Cron Job 2 - Delete old files on Amazon S3 over the limit you set (optional).

Installation instructions included in the download provide examples of the cron jobs for cPanel.

Amazon S3 file limit / rotation:

A limit can be set on the number of files stored on S3. The oldest files will be automatically deleted once the limit is reached.


  • PHP 5.2.x
  • Amazon S3 account - get one here
  • Hosting account with cPanel


  • Individual files larger than 2GB are not supported on 32 bit systems due to PHP's signed integer problem.


  • This script should be installed in the "Home" directory which is not web accessible for best security.
  • Connection to Amazon S3 is encrypted (SSL).
  • Connection to CPanel can be encrypted (SSL) (optional).

What this script does not do:

  • Does not manage files on S3 - there are other tools for that such as S3 Browser
  • Does not provide for extensive error checking / reporting.

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* All Sales Final. No Refunds.